What is the One Hour Train?

What is the One Hour Train?

The One Hour Train is a high-speed rail link between Turku and Helsinki.

A new direct railway line from Espoo to Salo via Lohja will be constructed for the link. The link will also include the Espoo regional railway line, the Salo-Turku double-track railway line and the Turku rail yard area.

In the early phases of the project, the travel time will be reduced by more than 30 minutes.

Once the equipment is modernised to enable the maximum speed of the new railway, the travel time will be reduced by almost an hour, and the distance between the destinations can be travelled in approximately 75 minutes. The distance between Kupittaa, Turku, and Pasila, Helsinki, can be travelled in an hour.

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Ask for more. Ten reasons to support the One Hour Train.

  1. The One Hour Train waits for clearance to depart – the furthest advanced railway project is ready to be implemented. The high-speed rail link between Helsinki and Turku and a new direct railway line from Espoo to Salo via Vihti and Lohja can be constructed in stages starting from next year.
  2. The One Hour Train is the fastest climate action in Finland. Climate actions are needed now. The departure of the One Hour Train between Turku and Helsinki only  waits for a decision.
  3. The One Hour Train is faster. Commuters taking the train daily can save up two weeks in travel time a year. These weeks can be spent doing something more useful and fun.
  4. More professionals, more potential. The One Hour Train creates a common commuting area for 1.5 million Finns and ensures that future positions are filled by competent professionals.
  5. More traffic from Stockholm to St. Petersburg and more potential customers for all service providers concerned.
  6. More Europe. The One Hour Train connects Finland to the European main traffic network. In addition, EU transport funding policies favour Core Network Corridors, which include the One Hour Train.
  7. Increased sustainability. The One Hour Train creates growth and vitality for the whole length of the railway: new jobs, housing, services and also better local transport connections. The localities by the route have their own ongoing investment projects and plans connected with the high-speed rail link.
  8. Better ideas. Fast means of travel increases the attractiveness of universities to students, makes collaborative research easier and opens up cooperative possibilities with companies and communities. This benefits the entire country.
  9. Completely new routes and passengers for rail traffic. A new direct railway line to be built for the One Hour Train between Espoo, Vihti, Lohja and Salo will extend our rail network and bring the advantages of train travel available to entirely new passengers.
  10. Convenient connections for everyone. The One Hour Train not only benefits those who live close to its stations, but it also creates more fluent traffic near the tracks.

What is the status of the One Hour Train project?

  • The state administration has granted the project €40 million to cover the costs of planning, and the concrete plans of the project are very advanced.
  • The European TEN-T status of the connection between Helsinki and Turku enables applying for significant funding from the EU.
  • The most advanced part of the project is the Espoo regional railway line with an already completed planning phase. A master plan for the connection between Espoo and Salo is currently being worked on.
  • The planning of the connection between Espoo and Salo is a historical project in Finland, as only a few entirely new railway lines have been built since the early 20th century.
  • If a decision to build the railway is made in the formation of the new Government in spring 2019, traffic operations could be commenced in the late 2020s.