The One Hour Train will be completed

In accordance with Petteri Orpo’s government policy, the new train service between Helsinki and Turku will be completed, and our project company manages the construction. After the ongoing planning stage, the construction will be started with the Espoo–Lohja and Salo–Kupittaa sections. For the construction, and as a part of an investment plan, the state is prepared to capitalize the company.

– This attitude is justified, and we are certainly pleased with it. The solution means that the One Hour Train is promoted as a whole, although the construction is carried out in stages. Our company will continue this construction work which, in our opinion, has already proved to be successful, says Pekka Ottavainen, managing director of the Turku One Hour Train Ltd.

– The technical parts of the railway plans will be completed within this year. Meanwhile, in cooperation with our owners, i.e. the state as well as the municipalities and towns by the railway, we will continue to find out how to proceed to the final stage of the project, Ottavainen adds.


Pekka Ottavainen, managing director, 0400 261 097, pekka.ottavainen(at)

Julkaistu 16.6.2023

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