The One Hour Train is faster. It is so fast that a commuter travelling often by train can save days and weeks of valuable time a year. The fluency guarantees that a train is a more attractive ecological alternative than a car.

Speed is not only saving of time. It also means that everything is nearer than before. Helsinki Art Museums are nearer to a resident of Lohja and the Turku Archipelago is within reach of a citizen of Helsinki. From Salo you get in a quarter of an hour to test a new restaurant at the River Aura. From Lohja you get even faster to Espoo from where to Vihti in a flash. The One Hour Train breaks borders between the neighbouring cities and creates more opportunities for working, studying and housing.

The One Hour Train brings the culture and nature attractions and the restaurant offerings of the cities to a very short distance. It connects the stations as a chain of cities where labour, ideas and innovations move. The One Hour Train moves 1.5 million people. Where people move, investments also move. This benefits all Finland.

The One Hour Train saves travelling time because a new railway line will be built directly from Salo to Helsinki via Lohja and it is about 26 kilometres shorter than the current coastal railway. In addition, a double-track railway line will be built between Turku and Salo.