Design of the double-track Hajala–Kupittaa section of the Salo–Turku railway connection has started

The design process for the double-track Hajala–Kupittaa section of the Salo–Turku railway connection has begun. The design of the approximately 40-kilometer section has been divided into two railway plans (Hajala–Nunna and Nunna–Kupittaa). Sweco was chosen to carry out the design process. The combined value of these contracts is approximately 5.2 million euros.

– In the current market situation, we are delighted to be able to bring top-notch designers on board to continue the development of the project, says Annika Salokangas, Project Director at Turku One Hour Train Ltd.

Plans will be prepared for a second track next to the existing track between Hajala and Kupittaa. The work will comprise cutoffs as well as bridge and repair planning. Regionally, the railway plans are limited to the areas from Hajala in Salo to Nunna in Kaarina and from Nunna to Kupittaa in Turku.

– Accounting for land use, environmental impact, and existing structures is an essential part of our design process. The project area comprises almost 90 bridges, one level crossing, and three rail traffic operating points, which require particular attention and design expertise, says Jori Lehtikangas, Business Unit Director for railway design at Sweco.

All planning consultants have been selected

The new rail link between Helsinki and Turku is being developed further in five separate planning packages: Espoo–Lohja, Lohja–Salo, Salo–Hajala, Hajala–Nunna, and Nunna–Kupittaa.

The section between Salo and Hajala it the most advanced of the above, and the planning is expected to be completed this year. The planning for the railway connection between Espoo and Salo was launched last autumn and is progressing on schedule. All railway plans are to be completed in terms of the technical component by the end of 2023.

Additional information:

Annika Salokangas, Project Director, Turku One Hour Train Ltd, tel. +358 (0)40 866 5315, annika.salokangas(a)

Jori Lehtikangas, Business Unit Director for railway design, Sweco, tel. 040 863 0674, jori.lehtikangas(a)

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