The costs of planning the new direct line from Espoo to Salo via Lohja and the Salo-Turku double-track railway line are estimated to be approximately EUR 75 million in total. Of this amount, Espoo–Salo accounts for approximately EUR 60 million, and Salo–Turku accounts for approximately EUR 15 million. The project company One-hour Turku Rail Link is owned by state with share of 51 % and seven municipalities (49 %).

The shares of the costs of municipalities involved in the project are as follows:

  • City of Turku EUR 10.25 million
  • City of Espoo EUR 10.25 million
  • City of Helsinki EUR 5.80 million
  • City of Salo EUR 3.74 million
  • City of Lohja EUR 3.74 million
  • Municipality of Vihti EUR 3.74 million
  • Municipality of Kirkkonummi EUR 0.38 million

As an important part of promoting the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), EU funding has also been awarded to planning the project (Connecting Europe Facility, CEF). The EU funding awarded under the CEF will cover 50 per cent of the costs (EUR 37.5 million at maximum) incurred in the planning of the Espoo–Salo direct line and the Salo–Turku double-track line.